SPECIALISED PROPRTY HOLDINGS LIMITED (SPH) was launched in November 2011. The fund seeks long-term growth of capital through investment in real estate in Tallinn, Estonia.

Market drivers

  • As the living standards rise, people desire to upgrade their living conditions and to move into a more contemporary apartments;
  • Families which were postponing real estate buys due to insecurity imposed by recession have now started to acquire apartments;
  • Despite the shrinking population, household numbers are up while the average size of the household is down – the greatest demand growth is in one-member dwellings.

Investment concept

  • Target purchase of apartments which the manager believes will increase in value more than the general market;
  • Approximate price: EUR 100,000;
  • Rent out;
  • Sell after 1 – 3 years;
  • Target a net yield of approximately 5%;
  • Target capital gains of greater than 5% per year.