Our values

SPRING team members share a strong commitment to make the world a better place. It is very hard to know which choices and behaviors will improve or worsen the world over the long terms and of course everybody has his or her own definition of ‘a better place.’ So we make decisions based on what we know and based on our view of what will improve the world.

What do we care about?
  • We care about the environment. Yes, it is elitist to worry about fresh air and polluted seas when some people are struggling to feed themselves. Nonetheless, we care about the environment.
  • We care about people’s wellbeing. Companies which treat their employees well create a better base for their own long term growth as well as improving the lives of their employees.
  • We care about honesty. The companies in which we invest should fulfill verbal and written promises to shareholders, customers, employees, regulators and other counterparties. This provides them a strong base on which to operate and also makes the world a better place.

In summary, we worry about 3 key ESG values: Environment, Labour Practices, Corporate Honesty.

Over the years SPRING has provided numerous part-time and full-time opportunities to work as SPRING interns for the benefit of university students and graduates. Our former inters have build successful careers in finance and investment sphere.