In May 2014 SPRING launched RAN DISASTER PROTECTION LIMITED (RAN), which seeks to capitalize on inefficiencies across global markets.

The world is shifting from a unipolar structure to a chaotic multipolar system. Until recently, it was sufficient to correctly forecast the actions of the Federal Reserve in order to make successful macro investments. The situation today is entirely different.

Why does our strategy work even in high volatile markets? 

  • Dynamic asset allocation in special situations of global markets; 
  • Diversification among assets, investment horizon, investment ideas; 
  • Discipline in risk control; 
  • Protecting down side under risk-off phase. 

The fund has negative correlation to MSCI global index. The goal is to generate a strong positive performance in times of financial crisis or natural disasters. The manager implements a range of global macro strategies including thematic investments, trend following and mispricing in global asset markets within a disciplined risk management framework. The fund is net short and very liquid.